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Being Photographed - Wedding Photographers West Midlands

Pose No.1A few weeks ago the tables turned on this Wedding Photographer in the West Midlands! What I mean by this is that it was my turn being shot by.... another photographer. "What are you talking about Martin?" I hear you cry. I was keen on my profile photo being updated for this website and social media sites. And the most bizarre thing happened.
I got completely nervous, very tense and became totally self conscious. How ridiculous is that? But is it? It is of course how most people feel in front of a photographer with a big flashy camera pointing their way, you could say they are just being human. Thankfully I realised that I fell into the 'human' catagory, and soon started to feel more relaxed as the shoot went on.

This experience proved invaluable to me. It was a fantastic reminder of what couples go through when they are being photographed themselves by people like me. This is one reason why having a 'Get to Know You Shoot' can be such a useful exercise. Granted the couple will get some lovely photos, but they also possibly get to experience exactly what I did, feeling a bit odd at first before relaxing in front of a camera. But what happens after a few moments, just like it did with me being shot by Steve, you begin to relax and get used to the experience.

Pose No.2

Pose No.3

Over the years I've fine tuned the wedding photographers that I follow because they inspire me to greater heights. Without showing you a long list, I'll mention just a couple, Kevin Mullins and Steve Gerrard. These are my 'Go To' pros if you like. They have different styles for sure, but I love their images in different ways. This year I made it my goal to have sessions with them to learn more, after all, knowledge is power right? Amazingly I achieved my goals and had a one to one session with Kevin in May, and another one to one with Steve.

I found both sessions absolutely fascinating. Including how they both spoke about their own training sessions they had attended in the past and what they had booked for themselves in the future. These are two highly respected wedding photographers in the country, and yet still with the passion for further learning and self improvement. How inspiring is that?

Anyway, I seem to be waffling a bit now. I'd like to thank Steve Gerrard for not only being my mentor the last couple of years, but also for taking the time in photographing me and editing these images in his own style. Here are a few more.

Pose No.4

Pose No.5

Pose No.6

Hopefully none of those images have scared you off!?! Steve is based in the middle of Birmingham, where these images were shot. Long story short, I really enjoyed being shot by him and finally decided which I one I am going to use as my main profile photo. Here it is.

Pose No.7

I hope this blog post hasn't appeared as though it's ended up all about me! I thought it might be nice to share with you how I was suddenly reminded how it felt being photographed. No bad thing. Earlier I mentioned a 'Get to Know You Shoot', so if you enjoyed this article then you might like to see an actual GTKYS from a Bride and Groom earlier this year of Sarah & James. Feel free to share away on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest by using the social media icons. Or you can leave a comment below. Have a great week everybody. Martin.

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Monday, 20 February 2017

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